Facebook for Communicating and Marketing

It is Social Media .…. and some use it to Socialize.

HOW prefers to use Facebook to Communicate and Market….

Market something … like a Restaurant, an author’s new book, political candidate, a group such as Toastmasters, a cable show… or a public figure.

Communicate?  Pass the word along about a wind storm, a rain storm or a person who needs prayer.  Communicate on Facebook quickly when you see others are on Chat.

Communicate and Market a Special Event.  You can post an event of a cable show to invite people even though they will not be expected to physically go to the event…. they can go to watch the show on cable  … and if it’s repeated via a posting to YouTube, they can go to watch the Video later.  You can still invite them.

Restaurants have a new option on Facebook where they can post an offer and you can invite friends to redeem the offer.

Be creative.  There are multiple ways to Communicate and Market.

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