Facebook just changed things again!

Yep… Facebook just changed things again.  

Not sure I like the way they’re showing the video clips now. But I’ll wait and see.

I do like the way they list them all across the bottom of the screen.

Glad they got the Migrating back from Profile to Page.

Notice that if you like “soft and fuzzy” or “animal” … and you’re always on Facebook late at night they’ll start showing you lots of soft and fuzzy animal videos.  They did some research awhile back and all of us with over a thousand friends said we wanted to see more of what we like.   We do now.  AT LEAST WE DO MOST OF THE TIME.  This deer is my version of the “soft and fuzzy”.  He just walked right across in front of my car.

If you’re getting things you don’t like … hey ….tell Facebook.  I do.

AND … if you’re getting SPAM or PORNO … don’t go to the page to block it….. hit the faint down arrow in the upper right of the post and say you don’t like it and why and REPORT it to Facebook.  That will serve to get them from SPAMMING everyone.

Do yourself and others a favor….. REPORT IT. 

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