What happens when you look at the camera?

When you look at the camera … what happens when people see your picture?

Would you be surprised to know … not much happens?

I took a survey awhile back … my questions were all similar:                                                                                                                                                                            Do you want to see someone looking at the camera when you see their picture? 

The only time they wanted to see people looking at the camera was if it was a friend or family member.  

That backs up the eyetracking research that says … if you look at the camera…. people only look back and the brain doesn’t light up !  When you see a person looking at something or someone in a picture … the emotional part of the brain lights up AND you remember what they’re looking at longer.

BUT … it was interesting to note that if people knew the person …. family or friend …. they did want the person to look at them out of the picture.

The Fortune 500 companies use the eyetracking research to build their marketing and advertising programs.  A person looking at a product they are selling makes the viewer remember the product longer.

Imagine that !!!

And if it’s a baby or small child looking at someone or something the brain apparently goes into over-drive emotionally.

In other words … selfies really should be pics of you all looking at each other while you take your selfie …. UNLESS ….. you’re only sending it to family or friends.

Note:  There is more emotion and expression in the face of a person who is looking at someone else … than in the face of a person looking at the camera.   Try it some time.  Take several pictures  …looking at the camera and then looking at someone.  See if there isn’t more of a gleam in their eyes. 

Look at these pictures below… people staring at the camera and then the 2 gentlemen looking at each other and smiling.  Which do YOU like?

Facebook just changed things again!

Yep… Facebook just changed things again.  

Not sure I like the way they’re showing the video clips now. But I’ll wait and see.

I do like the way they list them all across the bottom of the screen.

Glad they got the Migrating back from Profile to Page.

Notice that if you like “soft and fuzzy” or “animal” … and you’re always on Facebook late at night they’ll start showing you lots of soft and fuzzy animal videos.  They did some research awhile back and all of us with over a thousand friends said we wanted to see more of what we like.   We do now.  AT LEAST WE DO MOST OF THE TIME.  This deer is my version of the “soft and fuzzy”.  He just walked right across in front of my car.

If you’re getting things you don’t like … hey ….tell Facebook.  I do.

AND … if you’re getting SPAM or PORNO … don’t go to the page to block it….. hit the faint down arrow in the upper right of the post and say you don’t like it and why and REPORT it to Facebook.  That will serve to get them from SPAMMING everyone.

Do yourself and others a favor….. REPORT IT. 

Facebook for Communicating and Marketing

It is Social Media .…. and some use it to Socialize.

HOW prefers to use Facebook to Communicate and Market….

Market something … like a Restaurant, an author’s new book, political candidate, a group such as Toastmasters, a cable show… or a public figure.

Communicate?  Pass the word along about a wind storm, a rain storm or a person who needs prayer.  Communicate on Facebook quickly when you see others are on Chat.

Communicate and Market a Special Event.  You can post an event of a cable show to invite people even though they will not be expected to physically go to the event…. they can go to watch the show on cable  … and if it’s repeated via a posting to YouTube, they can go to watch the Video later.  You can still invite them.

Restaurants have a new option on Facebook where they can post an offer and you can invite friends to redeem the offer.

Be creative.  There are multiple ways to Communicate and Market.