Facebook Tips

THE #s – ?  – It’s NOT the number of fans that is your best indicator.  If a person LIKES your page but never returns and never takes action… it’s a ZERO investment of your time.   90% of FB users never return to a page after clicking LIKE.  With a large # of LIKES you may have a high REACH …. And TALKING ABOUT ….. BUT… you want the combination of LIKES + COMMENTS + SHARES.  Those actions send YOUR posts out to Friends of Friends.  That increases your ENGAGEMENT.

One place to watch this is POSTS in the INSIGHTS where you can see when your fans are on Facebook.  Goal is to have 90% or more of your Fans on FB every day.  Then immediate response is possible when you have an urgent, important post.

When you have 100 or more LIKES you have the ability to FOLLOW other pages and see their ENGAGEMENT.   When you see other page numbers change drastically you need to go there and see what caused the change.    Are your posts connecting to the very core of the emotions of the viewer?  Watch and learn.

It is rarely, if ever, mentioned that an important indicator is the % of ENGAGEMENT to the # of LIKES.   A page may “seem” to have a high ENGAGEMENT but when you realize that it has 5 times the # of LIKES that your page has, you can see that only a small % of the followers are paying attention to the page.

In the Political world … as a Candidate, you MUST review every few days (or daily) the engagement to LIKES % of your opponent(s).  What type of posts are they making?  What type posts get engagement for them?

Bill Whittle said we must learn to tell stories if we want to win.


Facebook is a VIRTUAL COMMUNITY . . .

Do you know the nature of your community?   what they like?    the time of day they have time to look at FB?    what days they “consume” Facebook posts?   when they will READ and when they will only LOOK?  When they only have time to LOOK, you better be posting pictures.

This is where you must put in the effort on your page.   Using eye tracking techniques you can increase the emotional reaction.  You can light up their brain and they will remember your post longer.

In a political world . . . people sometimes get fatigue.   That means they need a break now and then.  AND … a Candidate page is very different from an issue page.  Issue pages can become more like a blog to Facebook users who might NEVER go to a Blog for info.

Monitoring your page daily, being open to creative posts is an exciting project.  You may be surprised by the response to a post, picture or video that suddenly “takes off”.  It may not even be on the subject of your page… it may have simply struck that emotional chord and lit up the brain.  B I N G O  !

It is a fact proven through fMRI research (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) that pictures of people looking at the camera only gets people to LOOK BACK.  Roger Dooley in his book Brainfluence quotes James Breeze, a researcher from Australia, “In advertising we will look at what we see the person we see in an ad is looking at.  If they are looking out at us we will simply look back at them and not really anywhere else.”   Dooley concludes that you then want the person in the picture to be looking at what you want the viewer to remember, your most important content. Then an emotional brain response takes place.